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The Red-HouseRed House restaurant and bar offers an extensive menu and live entertainment Tuesday through Sunday.

Red House is located just off exit 5 from Route 9 in downtown Deep River. Red House combines owners Marc DeTour and Rob Fralick’s love of 1960′s rock and roll with their love of food.  Friends for over 38 years, Red House was named after one of DeTours’ favorite Hendrix songs, and sets the musical- themed atmosphere of the restaurant. Red House offers live music every Friday and Saturday and a special open mic night on Wednesdays.

The menu has something for everyone, from the house ‘Q” menu featuring barbecue to  fish tacos and mac and cheese. The restaurant also offers a large offset bar area with an extensive wine, beer and spirits menu. Choose to dine in the main dining room or at the unique bar. Open Tuesday – Thursday 4:00pm to 11:00pm with the dinner menu available from 4:00pm- 9:00pm, Friday & Saturday 4:00pm – 1:00am with the dinner menu available from 4:00- 9:30, and on Sunday 4:00pm – 10:00pm with the dinner menu available from 4:00pm- 9:00pm.  Red House accepts all major credit cards.

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158 Main Street Deep River, CT 06417
41.3862141, -72.43612430000002

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2015-07-26 23:45:47
I give this place one star simply because it is a "nice idea" and has average food. But that is all it has going for it. I only order from this place because my wife wants their nacho's. But I have dealt with them about 9 times in total and I have had 8 unpleasant experiences with this restaurant. For starters, the first time I called for a pick up of my order, they left me on hold for 15 minutes. I just hung up and called again. My fault being so stupid and just waiting on the phone. But then again, I could hear the hostess talking and fooling around flirting with one of the waiters(Or bartender??) and was thinking she would come back any time now.. Not the case! That same time, they hung up on me while I was giving an order. Still on that one occasion when I finally placed the order, they told me it would be 15 minutes to pick up some nachos. When I got there, I had to wait an additional 20 to 25 minutes. This was my second time going to them. My first time was a magnificent experience. But from the second time on, it just is utterly pathetic. It needs either new ownership or management. Every single time I went from this point on, the staff has been obnoxious. They screwed up our order every single time. I really don't understand how.. TWO Nachos and a salad. Every time I either am missing a salad or a nacho's or I have to clarify about 8 times what I want in order to get it right. The staff has also been rude to me and I really can not stand the bar tender who clearly defends the young girls and their mistakes simply because they are "Prettty". I have never written a review about a restaurant or really anything other than Google Play Apps. I really do not like to answer negatively on surveys when it comes with dealing with customer service issues(EG: AT&T, a recent hospital visit, etc) as I realize this makes the company and some individuals look negatively on the business and impact their finances. But this place just irks me. Tonight was the last straw. My wife calls the place up to place an order and before my wife can finish, in mid sentence, the idiot person that answered the phone just says "OK Got. Thank you for calling" and hangs up. Didn't even ask for a name or tell us when we can expect to pick up the food. Then we call back and we get an answering machine(This also happens very frequently when we call). We had to wait five minutes to call again and speak to someone else only to realize our order was not put in. When I got there, the waitress took my card, put it down by the register and held it hijacked for 9 minutes(Yes, I took note of the time) while I waited for her to wipe down the counter, pour a coke for no one to pick up and chat with when of the male waiters regarding some change to a menu item. Utter non-sense. The real problem here is you have too many young people, very understaffed, no customer service skills(Which sadly, I guess, is disappearing all together in the world anyway), obnoxious/self righteous/self important personalities. When we ask the staff if they know what is in a certain menu item, they are clueless half the time. You wanna make this a better place? Train your staff, teach them to be kind and understanding and to listen to your customers. Hire more staff! EDUCATE your staff on what's on the menu. Make sure they are out of high school. And for crying out loud, I get it's a restaurant business, but stop hiring people based on how attractive they are! People skills and careful attention to detail will earn you more clients than looks will! If someone wanted to go somewhere to have lunch with a view, then they have the option to go to Hooters. Again, the idea of this place is a nice one. It really is! The environment is just right. The food is decent. The decoration and feel of the place is cool and it has outside seating which is a plus in the summer time for most places. But the things above have made it so I never return to this amateur show.

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